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Thank you to the many ISSVD Members and Fellows who have shared their valuable images.  ISSVD members may download and use these images and their descriptions for educational purposes.  These images remain the property of the original submitter. 

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ISSVD Terminology 

Refer to these official terminologies when preparing lectures, publishing information or just identifying a proper term. 

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Ulcer Algorithm- A guide and treatment tool

Vulvovaginal Candidiasis-Tips for Diagnosis and Treatment

Click on any underlined word in the document to download a wealth of information on that topic.

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Consent to Photograph/Video

Use this template when photographing or videotaping a patient.

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Treatment of Yeast Species By Type

Treatment of Yeast Species available as a reference:  Get the iPhone App to use the algorithm.

The iPhone App has been updated with the recent research.  The app is available for both the iPhone and the iPad!  Only $4.99.

The Vulvovaginal Candidiasis (Candida, Yeast): Tips for Diagnosis and Treatment app is designed for health care professionals and other individuals to understand the different types of vulvovaginal yeast infections and treatment options. This interactive app is intended to be used in conjunction with patient care to assist with finding the best treatment plan for the individual patient, whether it is a simple Candida infection or a recurrent infection.

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Treatment Protocol for Chronic Pain/Itch

Dosing guidelines for Chronic pain/Itch

Refer to these treatment and dosing guidelines when treating chronic pain or constant itch/scratch cycle.

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