Past Presidents and World Congresses of the ISSVD

World Congress’ are preceded or followed by a 2 day-Postgraduate course (dates not included here)

Past Presidents and World Congresses of the ISSVD
Congress Location Dates President
I SPAIN, Marbelca Aug 8, 1973 Dr. Guillermo R. di Paola
II USA, Key Biscayne, Fl Jan. 9-11, 1975 Dr. J. Donald Woodruff
III MEXICO, Cocoyoc Oct 22-24,1976 Dr. Herman L. Gardner
IV FRANCE, Montbazon May 22-25, 1978 Dr. Jean Hewitt
V USA, Maui, Hawaii Oct 21-23 1979 Dr. Raymond H. Kaufman
VI ENGLAND, Cambridge Sept 22-24, 1981 Dr. Charles P. Douglas
VII USA, Lake Buena Vista, Fl Sept 25-29, 1983 Dr. Eduard G. Friedrich, Jr.
VIII FINLAND, Mariehamn Sept 9-12, 1985 Dr. Peter J. Lynch
IX AUSTRALIA, Queensland Aug. 3O-Sept. 3, 1987 Dr. Barry L. Kneale
X USA, Washington, D.C. Oct. 22-26, 1989 Dr. Edward J. Wilkinson
XI ENGLAND, Oxford Sept. 22-26, 1991 Dr. C. Marjorie Ridley
XII CANADA, Quebec Sept 26-30, 1993 Dr. Michel Roy
XIII ARGENTINA, Iguazu Sept. 17-20, 1995 Dr. Nidia Gomez Rueda Leverone
XIV ITALY, Baveno Sept. 14-20, 1997 Dr. Dale Brown, Jr.
XV USA, Santa Fe, New Mexico Sept. 26-Oct.2, 1999 Dr. Mario Sideri
XVI PORTUGAL, Sintra/Porto Sept. 30-Oct.6, 2001 Dr. Marilynne McKay
XVII BRAZIL, Salvador Oct. 12-16, 2003 Dr. Jose’ Martinez de Oliveira
XVIII NEW ZEALAND, Queenstown Feb. 20-24, 2006 Dr. Ronald W. Jones
XIX ALASKA, Inside Passage Cruise July 28- Aug 3, 2007 Dr. Libby Edwards
XX SCOTLAND, Edinburgh September 13-17, 2009 Dr. Allan B. MacLean
XXI FRANCE, Paris September 5-8, 2011 Dr. Micheline Moyal-Barracco
XXII ROYAL CARIBBEAN, Mediterranean Cruise October 6-13, 2013 Dr. Jacob Bornstein
XXIII NEW YORK, New York July 27-29, 2015 Dr. Hope Haefner
XXIV ARGENTINA, Mendoza September 11-15, 2017 Dr. Claudia Marchitelli
XXV ITALY, Torino September 18-20, 2019 Dr. Mario Preti
XXVI IRELAND, Dublin September 18-20, 2022 Dr. Colleen K. Stockdale

Past Presidents reunite at the XXII World Congress

  • José Martinez de Oliveira
  • Edward Wilkinson
  • Libby Edwards
  • Peter Lynch
  • Marilynne McKay
  • Jacob Bornstein
Past Biennial Conferences on Diseases of the Vulva and Vagina
Course Location Dates President
I9th Biennial USA, Houston, TX March 13-15, 2009 Dr. Libby Edwards
20th Biennial USA, Chicago, IL Oct. 1-3, 2010 Dr. Allan B. MacLean
21st Biennial USA, Chicago, IL September 7-9, 2012 Dr. Micheline Moyal-Barracco
22nd Biennial USA, Chicago, IL September 4-7, 2014 Dr. Jacob Bornstein
23rd Biennial USA, Chicago, IL September 8-10, 2016 Dr. Hope Haefner
24th Biennial USA, Chicago, IL September 6-8, 2018 Dr. Claudia Marchitelli
25th Biennial USA, Chicago, IL September 10-12, 2020 Dr. Colleen Stockdale
26th Biennial USA, Chicago, IL September 23-25, 2021 Dr. Colleen Stockdale
27th Biennial USA, Chicago, IL September 7-9, 2023 Dr. Tanja Bohl


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